Terms & Conditions

The Titan is intended for FLAT and OVAL shoelaces of all sizes. It is not suited for ROUND or BOOT laces.

The Titan is designed to give a secure, tight fit to your laces using one of the three ring sizes provided. Little to no slippage will be experienced given the proper ring size is being used. However, even with the proper ring size there is no guarantee that it will not slip.

Our return policy covers manufacture defects and faulty workmanship under normal use for three months from date of purchase. Excessive wear and tear through improper use other than intended purposes are not covered.

Return Policy

If you experience defects or faulty workmanship with your purchase you may return it within three months from time of purchase for a full refund or replacement. With your return you must include the following information:

  • Name & Address or Invoice number
  • Reason for return
  • Whether you want a replacement or a full refund