The Titan is a revolutionary new device for fastening your shoelaces. It’s small, discrete, and will simplify your life like you wouldn’t believe! It fits on your existing shoelaces and fastens with the push of a button. It’s that easy! It looks and functions like you are used to, without the hassle of tying, retying, or double knotting.

There are other shoelace fasteners on the market today, but you would hardly know it. Those fasteners aren’t widely used because they’re large and unappealing. The Titan is small, attractive and will go entirely unnoticed in most cases. Also, many of the other fasteners rely on elastic shoelaces. Elastic laces will always have some “give” to them, leaving you with an unstable sensation with your shoe fit. The Titan allows you to tighten your laces just as you were tightening them before. It truly has the look and feel that you are accustomed to.

The Titan was derived out of a frustration with the shoelaces tying process. Laces come untied frequently with conventional lace tying. With double knotting the most obvious solution, more frustration is experienced when it comes time to pick and pull at that double knot in order to get it untied. The Titan simplifies shoe tying into two simple motions of pulling the laces to desired tightness, and pushing a button. You will be amazed how it simplifies your life!

How It Works

Step 1

Bows are formed with the laces and a knot is tied inside the shoe.

Step 3

Plunger snaps onto ring.

Step 2

Bows are strung through the ring (three ring sizes provided).

You're Done!

Laces are securely tied.

The Titan: The best thing to happen to Running Shoes since laces.

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