Simplify your life…
with the push of a button!

The Titan is a new time-saving shoelace fastening device that will truly simplify your life!

  • No more tying/untying/double knotting.
  • Discrete and inconspicuous. A great look for everyday use.
  • Looks and operates like you are accustomed to.
  • Keeps laces tight and secure.

“My son Michael loves the Titan. I like it even more so. It no longer takes 10 minutes for him to put on his shoes!”
Francie Yokeley, Mount Airy, NC

“I love it. I wear it on my running shoes and it keeps them tied. Finally!”
Ron Shore, Winston-Salem, NC

“I love my Titan. I’ve been wearing them for about a month now and am pleased with how well they keep my laces secure.”
Jessica, Clemmons, NC

“This is an amazing product that works! It’s so simple and I don’t have to tie and un-tie my shoes each time, and it’s well made. I recommend this to everyone!”
Carol McSwain, Atlanta, Ga

“As a busy mom of three little ones, tying my shoes is a luxury I don’t otherwise get to enjoy… but the Titan makes it so easy! Great product. Highly recommend!!”
Harmony Keith, Winston Salem, NC

The Titan: The best thing to happen to shoes since laces.


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